Christianity in Egypt

A combination of a play (usually a Bible Story), an Exhibit (various church vessels as well as cultural items), and dinner (usually a mix of fasting and non-fasting ethnic foods).

  • Very Successful, at most, do once a year
  • Very Time consuming and difficult to plan
  • Must advertise very well

Trinity Concert

Trinity is a group dedicated to praising God through songs and hymns. Their voices are amazing to say the least.

  • Very Successful, Attracted a HUGE number of people from all over the Tri-State Area
  • In addition to an Event, can also be used as a fundraiser
  • Very hard to get a hold of Trinity
  • Need more servants to help organize and police

R.O.S.E. Dinner

Raising Orphanage Support in Egypt, a dinner that was held to raise money for orphans and various orphanages in Egypt. A large portion of the proceeds was also given to the organization called Coptic Orphans.

  • Very successful dinner; attracted a great turn out; was able to raise a large sum of money for this cause.
  • Once a year to once every other year is the time frame for this event.
  • Planning for this event is very time-consuming
  • Details are far too much too mention, must be very intricately planned.

Bless USA/ Coptic Orphan Fundraising Dinner

Separate dinners held in honor of these organizations. On a smaller scale than the Rose dinner, these dinners are perfect events to be held on-campus, and are a great way to raise awareness about these organizations and their causes’.

  • These events are not that difficult to plan, and can be held on-campus.
  • There may be a problem in getting an approved facility on campus to be used
  • Need more servants to help organize and police

Thanksgiving Dinner

A dinner honoring Thanksgiving that can be separate between organizations or done jointly, (the latter preferred), and held for the members of the organization.

  • A great way to celebrate Thanksgiving with other on-campus fellowships and their members.

Graduate Dinner

A dinner held to honor the accomplishments of those members that are graduating. A last service that the on-campus fellowship can provide to the graduating individuals.

  • A great way to honor those members and to provide them with a means of remembering their roots in the on-campus organization.
  • Very important to make sure that NO GRADUATE IS LEFT OUT

St. Mary’s Apparition

An event held to honor the apparition of St. Mary in Zeitun, Egypt.

  • This is a great way to instill an awareness of this incredible miracle in the youth of this generation.
  • The speaker, Pearl Zaki, is hard to get in touch with.

Commemoration of Pope Kyrollos

An event held to honor the life of Pope Kyrollos and the many miracles he has performed even after his passing.

  • Many, Many Miracles that can be discussed and lectured on.

A Day by Day Journey Through The Passion of Christ

An event done with stations for each day depicting the various events that occurred during the Holy Passion Week. These stations are beautiful portrayals of the suffering our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ endured for our sakes. The final station is a Glorious station of the Holy Resurrection.

  • An excellent way to spread awareness throughout the campus.
  • Very difficult to plan, and some of the pictures are a tad graphic.

College Day

An event held in the park used to bring a sense of unity and fellowship between various on-campus fellowships. It includes a barbeque, and various activities and sports.

*download the Event Planning Checklist to aid in organizing your event