Broadway Show

A trip to see a Broadway musical and dinner in The City.

  • Great way to spend time with the members of the organization.
  • Very Costly Trip
  • Must provide transportation into The City


A trip to play Paintball

  • Very fun, and very exhilarating
  • Could be Dangerous
  • Costly trip

Ski Trip

A trip to go skiing.

  • Very fun, and usually gets a big turn-out
  • Can only be done during Winter Break


A trip to go play laser-tag

  • Very Fun and inexpensive
  • Can be done locally

Basketball or Volleyball Tournament

A tournament set up with various teams to play each other in the Spirit of Fellowship

  • Can also double as a Fundraiser
  • We need to promote unity between churches, too much competition will go against that

New York Trip

A trip where you can visit various landmarks such as Rockefeller Center, The Tree, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the Empire State Building, the World Trade Center Memorial, and Central Park.

  • This trip can also include ice-skating at Rockefeller Center and dinner in the area
  • Must provide transportation to the City

Social Activities

  • Ice cream social
  • Go out to dinner / Potluck dinner
  • Pizza party
  • Bowling
  • Play miniature golf and arcade games.
  • Sporting events
  • Picnics
  • Trips to the beach or lake
  • Day trips to a city where no one has been, or to a nearby big-city
  • Camping trip (some schools rent out camping equipment)
  • Hikes
  • Visit a Seminary
  • Pray a Liturgy together, either on- or off-campus

Learning Activities

  • Bible Study
  • Read a book together and discuss it.
  • Question and Answer sessions with clergy
  • Discussions about the Orthodox stance on controversial issues
  • Have speakers come and speak to the group

*download the Activity Planning Checklist to aid in organizing your activity